One foot in this world and one foot in the Otherworld.

My name is Crow D Thorning and I’ve been practicing witchcraft and magick for more than thirty years. I have a background in education, and I love to teach! I’m passionate about witchcraft and magick and I enjoy helping people find their own path.

My initial training was in a Wiccan coven with direct lineage from Gerald Gardner. My craft has developed and grown with me and now I also work in a shamanic style; I use journeying to inform my life and work closely with my ally family and my deities. I also offer this service for clients and offer one to one video chat for guidance. I use the runes and my own oracle cards for divination. I craft moon consecrated amulets for protection, good fortune and other more individual purposes.

Based in the magickal land of Cornwall, I work closely with the land and the trees, birds, animals, and plants of where I live.

I teach about magick and witchcraft, Gods and Goddesses, spells and visions, protection and perception; passing on what I have been taught and what I have learnt through my magickal life.