Sometimes you don't want to work in a group. Sometimes the questions you have are personal to only your path. Sometimes you need someone who can give you a nudge or see things from a different perspective. This is where mentoring steps into its own.

Mentoring arose spontaneously from my group teaching and it takes many forms.

For some it's the chance to chat to a likeminded person and explore experiences with magick in their own lives. For others, it's about learning the basics, brushing up on new ways to keep things spinning, delving more deeply into a subject, or discussing and analysing what you're reading right now.

I love this part of my work; being able to help on an individual basis is so rewarding and enriches my practice as well as encouraging, supporting, and reevaluating the practices of those I work with.

No one is an expert in this field, but it never hurts to have the help of someone with 30+ years of real experience and study (plus a very enquiring mind with whom to throw ideas around.

Does this sound like something that would be of benefit to you? I've now developed a growing mentoring service which I provide between Monday and Wednesday daytime ( GMT). You can choose the frequency and the topic of our sessions; at the moment this ranges from - a one to one experience of the Witchcraft and Magick course, a journey through the Elder Futhark runes, bespoke guidance for individual practitioners and witches and working with magickal symbols.

Mentoring is priced at £30 for a one hour session, conducted via Google Meet. You will receive notes and a recording for each session.

Contact me for more information.

"I met Crow before I was aware that she offers mentoring about magick and witchcraft. When I told her that I would love to learn from an experienced witch she offered her support to me and it was the best decision I could make to become her student. We have just started my mentoring, but let me tell you, she is a brilliant teacher. Her lessons come in a very structured and easily understandable way, even if you are not British. Crow makes sure that you really understand every step on the way before she continues. She is very open and learning has never been more fun. I recommend her mentoring to any witch who wants to start their journey or looks for mentoring after already having started on their own."