Reviews & feedback

"I met Crow before I was aware that she offers mentoring about magick and witchcraft. When I told her that I would love to learn from an experienced witch she offered her support to me and it was the best decision I could make to become her student. We have just started my mentoring, but let me tell you, she is a brilliant teacher. Her lessons come in a very structured and easily understandable way, even if you are not British. Crow makes sure that you really understand every step on the way before she continues. She is very open and learning has never been more fun. I recommend her mentoring to any witch who wants to start their journey or looks for mentoring after already having started on their own."


"I feel profoundly blessed to be working with talented and knowledgeable Crow Dewhurst. She is passionate about teaching, and her years of experience shine through and are apparent in her teachings. An excellent storyteller, she really brings joy to the learning experience. She ensures everyone has an understanding of the basic principles before moving forward to the next lesson. As a guide and teacher, she has played a critical role in my spiritual evolution and journey with magick. I am ever so grateful that our paths have crossed and would recommend working with Crow to anyone who is on a journey to knowing traditional witchcraft."
Ellisha Masters


"A truly great teacher is hard to find. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have met Crow on my journey of studying witchcraft. Not only is she brimming with incredible knowledge and experience from her decades of practice, but she is also personable, supportive and has a fantastic sense of humor. I’ve learned more from her in the past few months than in years of reading books on my own.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!"
Paula Moontree


"I am currently a student at the Marget Inglis School of Witchcraft and Magick. I am really enjoying it! The course is well outlined, so you know what you will be learning. It also allows for flexibility, so if it is taking you a little longer to learn something, you receive the time and support you need to fully "get it". This course starts off with the very basics of witchcraft, which gives you a firm foundation to build on and ensures you have the tools you need to practice safely and with confidence. My teacher, Crow, is amazing! She is patient, knowledgeable, experienced, and takes the time to give you whatever support or advice you may need. I like that she also shares her own experiences. Whether you are just beginning or experienced, I highly recommend this course."
W. Lamoureaux

"I love the wisdom of Crow. She has so much knowledge and insight to share, and she does this in a way that is inspiring and thought provoking - and safe! Her presence on social media is a much-needed antidote to the misinformation that abounds out there, and her posts alone an education. She speaks so eloquently of her ideas, beliefs and spiritual life, you cannot help but to stop and listen. Crow is a very thoughtful and caring teacher, but she is also so much fun and sparkle! I recommend Crow as a spiritual teacher to anyone, beginner or more advanced." 
P Bowden


"I've been interested in magick and witchcraft for as long as I can remember, I've devoured so many books on the subject and attended local interest groups to try to glean how to practice and incorporate magick into my life but with no success until I found Crow and her course. Since starting these lessons I have begun to understand the mechanics of magick, how it really works and have been able to use it in my life and bring about change. No book has taught me the things Crow is teaching even though the lessons are not complicated, it is like finally learning how to read and being able to open up a new world. Crow is teaching real magick that you previously would have had to join a traditional coven to learn, which is hard to find, even in the UK. She is flexible and not expecting students to accept wholesale any particular deities, cosmology or even method, she gives us the information and we use the ABCs to form our own practice. After 20 years of interest in this subject I am personally astounded that I've finally found someone who can teach this information to me heart to heart. There is no better way to learn and the joy in it has not been decreased at all by studying online."
R Grzimek


“I am new to the world of Witchcraft but have always been fascinated by it. I was introduced to Crows’ course and I will never looked back. It has given me tools to be able to help myself and others as well as feel more connected with the elements and nature. And I’m still only at the beginning! Crow has this incredible ability to connect with everyone and anyone which is very special. She teaches in a way that allows others to contribute and share and feel safe to have a voice and honours everyone’s journey. It’s very unique and special. I’m very excited to learn more about this amazing craft and I am so grateful to have been introduced to Crow as my teacher. Thankyou so much.”
Becky Collins


All courses are clearly priced, with an option to pay for the whole course up front or in installments.

If you are struggling financially then feel free to contact me and I might be able to help with a variable price subject to group numbers.

If you would like to pay it forward to support someone who would not be able to take the course without financial assistance let me know.