Rune Readings

"I’d never had a rune reading before. Crow chose the Othala rune for me. It was perfect. My family is moving to a new house and this reading has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the boundaries I must set up in my new home. Not only practically, but magickally.  I received a thorough email and a video call. The call was invaluable as Crow was able to go into greater detail than one would via email alone.  Crow has vast knowledge and deep wisdom, which she shares generously. I will be back for readings often. Thank you." ~ Felicia Woodhouse

The runes are a multi layered divination tool derived from the Norse alphabet. I have worked with the runes for years now. They’re like the DNA of the universe. All life is here.

One rune  with 30 mins video feedback - £35

Three runes and one hour video feedback -  £45

Contact me for more information.

If you would like to learn more about the Elder Futhark runes have a look at my course on 'A journey into the Elder Futhark runes'. You can also purchase a variety of rune sets in my shop.