I craft amulets for protection (other purposes can be discussed) I make them from clay and use moon charged water to smooth the surfaces. If your amulet contains a rune disc I sing the rune galdr (rune song) into the wood as I work with them. These are consecrated and charged at either a full or new moon.

Prices –

Hamsa hand with peacock feather-  £8 plus postage.

Horned God hand with peacock feather-  £8 plus postage.

Bast cat goddess with crystal beads and copper moon - £10 plus postage

Tree amulet ( single season) with wood burned rune disc – £15 plus postage

Tree amulet ( 4 seasons) with wood burned eye disc - £17 plus postage

Moon and crows amulet with wood bruned eye disc - £17 plus postage.


Reviews for amulets

"I recently received my gorgeous magickal amulet from Crow. A spectacular green hamsa with a peacock feather and evil eye. You could feel its magick upon opening. It is hanging on the wall next to the door, and my family and I tap it 3 times before leaving the house for protection. I am very pleased with it and it is an important piece of my daily magickal practise." ~ Ellisha Masters


"I have hung Crow's beautiful, colourful amulet in my bedroom with all my favourite things such as my tarot cards. It makes me happy whenever I look at it since it reminds me of my magick practice but it also exudes peace and protection. It is lovingly crafted and well made, I highly recommend this amulet to anyone who needs a bit of magick in their home to protect it." ~ R Grzimek


“I highly recommend Crow’s beautiful talismans. They came beautifully wrapped and filled with good intentions.  Crow included a really thoughtful note and eye shells which all formed part of a truly special parcel"



Hand strung necklaces using semi precious stones & unique totems. Blessed and charged for the outcome if your choice.

They are priced at £25 - £35 plus postage. Contact me to discuss options.

"I was led to MargetInglis witchcraft through synchronicity! I had been conducting healing sessions for my mum (stage4 cancer) and our Welsh ancestors named my mum ‘dragon heart’ for courage, and Welsh blue stone also came through offering radiant blue light healing.  When I scrolled through IG, I was met with an image of a crystal necklace by Marget Inglis witchcraft, made from dragon vein and Welsh blue stone! I cannot tell you how meaningful this was for me and my mum.  The whole process was seamless. I received regular Information and options.  The necklace was also blessed on the full moon before it was sent out to me and a candle lit on her altar for my mum.  Incredibly special! I wholeheartedly recommend ordering a custom crystal necklace from Marget Inglis witchcraft. It comes made with love. Care you just don’t get anywhere else!"
Kerry @appleblossomhealing

My antler bindrune pendants & antler spell bottles are made with ethically sourced antler tips from my mate, Bill, and reclaimed copper wire loops that can be worn on a cord or hung on your altar.

Antler Bindrune Pendants

Each bindrune is sung into the antler as it is burned in. I can design a bespoke bindrune for you or you can select the one shown here which is for protection, family and connection to the universe.

These are priced at £20 plus postage.

Antler Spell Bottles

My antler spell bottles have a 6mm hole inside and a cork stopper; perfect for small scroll spells.

They range from 2 inches to  3 1/2 inches long.

Each one dedicated and consecrated to the Horned God and the energy of the Wildwood.

Every one is unique and magickal.

These are priced at £25 plus postage

Antler Tip Runes

When I burn the rune into the outlet, I sing its name and focus my magicyal will and imagination on its meaning and energy. When they are all finished I set them out in their aett and sing the runes again in order. After I cleanse and consecrate them using the elements,  I tell them their purpose. Then they sit on my altar and wait for the person who needs them. These are one-of-a-kind, the antler is ethically sourced by my friend Bill and they come in a small linen bag. They are unique and perfectly sized to make a great travelling set but could easily be used for every day divination. Once these are sold  don’t know if I’ll be able to make another set, as small tips are quite hard to come by.
 They are £30 plus postage. If you feel they call to you or you would like to give them as a gift then please message me and I will happily send them on to their new home.


Other services

I also offer rune readings.  The runes are a multi layered divination tool derived from the Norse alphabet .

One rune  with 30 mins video feedback - £15

Three runes and one hour video feedback -  £30

Journeying guidance  ( in this I will ask my allies to help with your specific question)

30 minutes video feedback -  £30

Please contact me for more details. Below are some of the things people have said about my services.

"I’d never had a rune reading before. Crow chose the Othala rune for me. It was perfect. My family is moving to a new house and this reading has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the boundaries I must set up in my new home. Not only practically, but magickally.  I received a thorough email and a video call. The call was invaluable as Crow was able to go into greater detail than one would via email alone.  Crow has vast knowledge and deep wisdom, which she shares generously. I will be back for readings often. Thank you." ~ Felicia Woodhouse

"The journey Crow did for me was truly magical! She was incredibly tuned into my energy right away. There were so many synchronicities during the whole process it truly amazed me. She picked up on important recent events in my life that only I could know about. Her process is very unique to her and quite interesting to hear about. She was able to provide me with the clarity and direction I’ve needed so that I can move forward with big plans in my life. It was all very personal and personalized. I am so happy and thankful I had this experience with Crow. I can’t wait to do it again!" ~ Tabitha Zuniga