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Elder Futhark, Anglo Saxon ( Old English) or Northumbrian runes

I have worked with the runes for years now. They’re like the DNA of the universe. All life is here. As well as creating rune sets, I teach about the runes and when you buy runes from me you can be assured that they have been made with care and understanding.

You can find out more about my rune course here.

You can find out more about having a personal rune reading from me here.


Carved Pebble Runes

Cornish pebbles carved with the runes. These have an incredible, eager energy!

They almost feel like a pack of hounds ready to chase after the web of wyrd for you.

These runes are carved into stone just like the archaeological runic stones found in Scandinavia. Carving them into the stone was an incredible feeling. These runes want to get to work!

These are carved, sung and painted with acrylic but if you’d rather have them plain just let me know.

Antler Tip Runes

When I burn the rune into the antler, I sing its name and focus my magickal will and imagination on its meaning and energy.

When they are all finished I set them out in their aett and sing the runes again in order. After I cleanse and consecrate them using the elements,  I tell them their purpose. Then they sit on my altar and wait for the person who needs them.

These are one-of-a-kind, the antler is ethically sourced by my friend Bill, and they come in a small linen bag. They are unique and perfectly sized to make a great travelling set but could easily be used for every day divination.

Wooden Runes

When I burn the rune into the wood, I sing its name and focus my magickal will and imagination on its meaning and energy.

When they are all finished I set them out in their aett and sing the runes again in order. After I cleanse and consecrate them using the elements,  I tell them their purpose. Then they sit on my altar and wait for the person who needs them.

These can be purchased with a leather or fabric bag.

Badger’s Path through the Woods Oracle Deck

Badger’s Path Through the Woods’ is an oracle deck based on a year long journey into witchcraft and magick on my 101 course, but they are much more than that.

Designed to aid the new and experienced magickal practitioner in both the spiritual and physical world, these 52 cards have vivid colours and key designs.

The cards can be read to guide your witch journey by highlighting areas of your practise or suggesting practical actions.

They come in a linen bag with the MISW logo crow head and the card meanings booklet will be emailed to you on postage.

The Marys

I also create a variety of statues based on the Virgin Mary. I have a range of black Madonna statues where I have drawn from famous statues of the black Madonna such as the Montserrat statue, the Prague statue and the Manila statue.

I've also created a ‘Mother of Crows’ statue in which I tried to encapsulate the idea that the Virgin Mary is a representation of many other goddesses in this case the Morrigan. I'm currently working on a Bridget design and a Kali design.

I consecrate my statues to the Blessed Virgin; they’re all made on a street named after her, and on the juncture of the  the St Mary  and the St Michael leyline in England.


Queen of the Night plaque

Whether you regard her as Ishtar, Lilith or Inana or just the Queen of the Night, this wall plaque is the perfect magical tool to honour the goddess of night, snakes, owls, sexuality and independence.

A reimagining of the Burney Relief (a Mesopotamian terracotta plaque in high relief of the Isin-Larsa period or Old-Babylonian period -C18th/19th BCE- depicting a winged, nude, goddess-like figure with bird's talons, flanked by owls, and perched upon two lions) is based on a vintage representation of the goddess and carefully created in hard plaster and painted with a stone/ gold finish which really picks out the relief details.

I consecrate these items in a magick circle and imbue them with the power of connection to the ancient gods.

A perfect addition to your shrine or altar or as an ornament to represent the goddess.



Dragons' Heads

My dragons are hand made by me and each one is unique even if they have the same colour scheme. We have the Celestial Dragons and Element Dragons ( seen here are the Solar Dragon and the Water Dragon)

As candleholders, these can be used to invoke a particular power into your magick or invite it into your home.

All of my creations are cleansed in a magick circle and these will be consecrated to their relevant powers.

Bast Statues

Bast ( or Bastet) is a very approachable deity. It was believed that every day she would ride through the sky with her father, the sun god Ra. As his boat pulled the sun through the sky she would watch over and protect him. At night, she would turn into a cat to protect Ra from his greatest enemy, the serpent Apep.

I currently make 2 different sizes of Bast statue: a large head which includes a beautiful detail of the vulture mother goddess Nut, on the head and hieroglyphics on the side (approximately 6 inches in height and 5 1/2 in width) and a smaller full figure which has tiny details of a scarab and hieroglyphics and is 4 inches in height .

All my statues are hand cast and painted and consecrated before they leave my workshop.


I craft amulets for protection (other purposes can be discussed) I make them from clay and use moon charged water to smooth the surfaces. If your amulet contains a rune disc I sing the rune galdr (rune song) into the wood as I work with them. These are consecrated and charged at either a full or new moon.

Reviews for amulets

"I recently received my gorgeous magickal amulet from Crow. A spectacular green hamsa with a peacock feather and evil eye. You could feel its magick upon opening. It is hanging on the wall next to the door, and my family and I tap it 3 times before leaving the house for protection. I am very pleased with it and it is an important piece of my daily magickal practise." ~ Ellisha Masters


"I have hung Crow's beautiful, colourful amulet in my bedroom with all my favourite things such as my tarot cards. It makes me happy whenever I look at it since it reminds me of my magick practice but it also exudes peace and protection. It is lovingly crafted and well made, I highly recommend this amulet to anyone who needs a bit of magick in their home to protect it." ~ R Grzimek


“I highly recommend Crow’s beautiful talismans. They came beautifully wrapped and filled with good intentions.  Crow included a really thoughtful note and eye shells which all formed part of a truly special parcel"



Hand strung necklaces using semi precious stones & unique totems. Blessed and charged for the outcome if your choice.

"I was led to MargetInglis witchcraft through synchronicity! I had been conducting healing sessions for my mum (stage4 cancer) and our Welsh ancestors named my mum ‘dragon heart’ for courage, and Welsh blue stone also came through offering radiant blue light healing.  When I scrolled through IG, I was met with an image of a crystal necklace by Marget Inglis witchcraft, made from dragon vein and Welsh blue stone! I cannot tell you how meaningful this was for me and my mum.  The whole process was seamless. I received regular Information and options.  The necklace was also blessed on the full moon before it was sent out to me and a candle lit on her altar for my mum.  Incredibly special! I wholeheartedly recommend ordering a custom crystal necklace from Marget Inglis witchcraft. It comes made with love. Care you just don’t get anywhere else!"
Kerry @appleblossomhealing

My antler bindrune pendants & antler spell bottles are made with ethically sourced antler tips from my mate, Bill, and reclaimed copper wire loops that can be worn on a cord or hung on your altar.

Antler Bindrune Pendants

Each bindrune is sung into the antler as it is burned in. I can design a bespoke bindrune for you or you can select the one shown here which is for protection, family and connection to the universe.

Antler Spell Bottles

My antler spell bottles have a 6mm hole inside and a cork stopper; perfect for small scroll spells.

They range from 2 inches to  3 1/2 inches long.

Each one dedicated and consecrated to the Horned God and the energy of the Wildwood.

Every one is unique and magickal.

If I have helped or supported you in any way and you would like to support me financially in return you can do so here.