Witchcraft and Magick 101

There’s much more to magick than jars and herbs! Have you ever tried to cast a spell and felt that you weren’t quite sure what to do to make it work? Maybe it worked but not in the way you had envisaged? Or you want to know more about the different sorts of spells that exist? Do you want to follow the seasons in a spiritual and meaningful way? Are you interested in living a magickal life? Then I am happy to help!

The internet is full of spell recipes and manifesting practices; but how does any of this actually work? I have courses for beginners and those who feel they would like some ‘formal’ training in magick and witchcraft. I want to help you find how it works for you, not force someone else’s rules on to how you do things. I’ll teach you some of the things I have come to think of as ‘the rules’ without restricting your personal style of practice.

Initially I teach a three-month module of ‘Witchcraft and Magick 101’. In this module you will learn about the history of magick in Britain and the basics of working magick; how it works, how to use it and how to protect yourself. This will be in the form of two hour sessions on a fortnightly basis plus a monthly half hour of one to one tutoring. The course costs £250 and can be paid in instalments.

After this initial module there will be an opportunity for further study in the form of advanced modules which will include working with deities, working with allies, the land and ancestors, divination, circle casting, the wheel of the year, different styles of spell work. In this way I hope to be able to allow an opportunity to pick and mix the elements in which you  are interested.

The next course starts on the 26th February at 7-9pm GMT.

The course is £200 plus a £50 deposit all payable via PayPal ( friends and family) and can be paid by instalments.

All lessons are via Google Meet and you will get a recording of the session and my notes.

Before registering I will send you my T&Cs and a short questionnaire which will give me some idea of your previous experience.

To register for the course and receive more information, please fill out the enquiry form below. Your information will not be shared with any 3rd party and will not be used by myself for direct advertising unless you have requested to do so.

Magick and Witchcraft 101 enquiry form

    “I studied the Magick 101 course with Crow and I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. It explains Magick from the very beginning, the mythology and the truth behind it all, breaking apart the common misconceptions. It teaches you all that you need to implement Magick into a modern life, both safely and easily. It is very informative and Crow is a wealth of knowledge.

    If you are truly interested in learning about all aspects of Magick, not just the social media version, then this is the course for you.”

    C Egan